Immortal Machinery

Immortal Machinery
Bartok – ReOrganised
7 June 2021

London, UK-based experimental music duo Immortal Machinery are doing something wholly creative and unique while paying tribute to Hungarian composer Bela Bartok on dark, playful new EP “Bartok – ReOrganised”, out June 7, 2021.

Bartok – ReOrganised reimagines selected works of Hungarian composer Bela Bartok, for a modern electric ensemble. As the name might suggest, Immortal Machinery’s arrangements put a Hammond organ at the heart of the music, with support from violin, piano and a jazz rhythm section. Bartok’s writing is at times playful and improvisatory, but elsewhere makes for brutal and uncompromising listening – the perfect source material for a pair of musicians longing for a challenge during the Covid lockdown. In the Youtube upload of this EP, Mateusz and Steph provide behind the scenes commentary between each track.

Bartok – ReOrganised is out now exclusively on Bandcamp.
Watch a video of the full EP with commentary by the band on Youtube.

More Info:
Artist Name: Immortal Machinery
Location: London, UK
Release Title: Bartok – ReOrganised
Release Date: 7th June 2021
Label: Independent
Musician Names/Instruments: Steph K (violin, electric organ, piano); Mateusz G (electric and upright bass, drum programming)
Producer Name(s): Mateusz G
Similar/RIYL: the louder, aggressive tracks (1 and 4) – classically-influenced prog metal e.g. Ne Obliviscaris
the calmer tracks (2, 3 and 5) – darkjazz e.g. Bohren & der Club of Gore

RIYL:  experimental rock/post rock with classical and jazz influences
Genre(s): progressive/experimental instrumental
1 Allegro Molto
2 Intermezzo
3 Melody in the Mist
4 Clash and Clang
5 Notturno

Press Quotes: on Immortal Machinery’s last album Lieder Ohne Worte (songs without words) “a beautiful, creative, energised exploration of instrumental music”

Accolades: in 2019, Immortal Machinery collaborated with Carnaby Street fashion designer Sarah Hollebon and professional dancer Steff D’Arcy to create a piece of performance art that explored mental health issues ( YT link if needed).
In 2020 just before the first UK lockdown, they premiered a short film with a live musical accompaniment to a sell-out crowd at the Cinema Museum, Kennington. The event was hosted by underground film collective Exploding Cinema (

Artist Biography: Immortal Machinery were formed in the winter of 2013 after Steph K and Mateusz G met at a jam night in central London. Through three albums, two UK tours and numerous shows in Europe and Scandinavia, their sound slowly morphed from a youthful rock outfit into the experimental ensemble they are today. With their eyes firmly set on the future, Immortal Machinery continue searching for their next musical nightmare…

Immortal Machinery – Bartok ReOrganised (Full EP and commentary)

Immortal Machinery – I Did it For You

Immortal Machinery – Tongues of Fire

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