Illusions Of Grandeur – The Siren

Illusions Of Grandeur – The Siren

(October 2021, Revulsion of Spirit Records/Universal Music Group)

  1. Crossing Over
  2. DOWN
  3. A Science
  4. Upon My Life
  5. A Prophet
  6. Take Me Alive
  7. We Ryse
  8. The Wolf
  9. Everlasting Fire
  10. Falling
  11. The Storm
  12. Demons

Illusions of Grandeur are a female fronted band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The strange fact with them is that they were born through a TV show, and more specifically from the “The Siren Saga”. This show combines Greek and Scandinavian mythology, and follows Siren and her warriors to their fantastic tales.

Taking inspiration by these tales, the band decided to make a music story divided in two parts (for the time being). These are part I,  “The Songs of the Siren” and part II “The Siren”.

Good thing with them is that they aren’t another one symphonic metal band with a soprano vocalist, but they have a singer with a strong and passionate metal voice. So are their songs, that can be described as modern traditional heavy metal with a theatrical touch… At least if a genre like that could ever exist… hehe.

Even from the beginning with “Crossing Over” the band catches you by the neck. It’s a great introduction to their music with memorable chorus, though I can’t understand the 1 min of silence in the end. I guess it may be a fault of the digital file I got. More songs of the album are in the same quality. Heavy guitars, nice riffs, strong vocals and mostly memorable choruses lead to an album that may concern every fan of heavy music.

The last thing remaining is the chance to see a physical release of the album. Until then you can check them on their bandcamp page.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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