The Northern Crusades
Release: 24 February 2023

Icestorm, the Catalan warrior clan founded in 2006, culminate their incessant evolution with The Northern Crusades, a fourth concept album that places them as great masters of melodic death metal with an epic-historical theme.

As the name suggests, The Northern Crusades focuses on the crusades in Northern Europe, a breeding ground for aggression, heroism, and battle chants. Recorded by Oscar David at Axtudio and mastered by Tony Lindgren from Fascination Street Studios, Sweden, Icestorm’s new album has been impeccably finished off with a stunning cover and artwork by Piotr Arendzikowski.

Through their acquired experience and a wide range of influences, encompassing bands such as Blind Guardian, Amon Amarth, Bolt Thrower, Turisas, Windir, and even Lamb Of God, Icestorm manage to thrill while still riding towards war. With members like Jaume Roca, guitarist of Siroll!, or Marc Storm, the imposing vocalist of Drakum, we expected nothing less.

Martyrdom on ice. Paganism or the cross. The time has come to join the ranks of Icestorm. Take up your sword and face your destiny.

Icestorm – Across The Baltic Sea

Icestorm – La Llegenda Auria

Icestorm – Reconquesta i sang

Icestorm – Atlàntida

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