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Ice Cream Headache

Ice Cream Headache

Ice Cream Headache was formed from the ashes of a music project that both Neil and Will were involved in. With a mutual admiration for the 1970s psychedelic-prog scene, they were both keen to work together to create something that both inspired them musically whilst paying homage to their love for 70s prog. Neil had wanted to create something different, fresh and new for a while. A band that could not be pigeonholed. A band that sounded unique and exciting. A band that mixed prog with the avant-garde flair combined with alternative-indie rock. With home demos and a ton of ideas, Neil approached long term friend and fellow musician Julian to play bass. The three of them started working together immediatly and the band was formed officially a few weeks later.

The band have spent most of 2016 writing and rehearsing for their eagerly awaited debut ep entitled “Why Isn’t It Fucking Working??” which is to be released in December. The band are currently booking gigs, support slots, tours and festivals for 2017. They promise that 2017 will be a very busy year for them as they build their fanbase and expand their shows and sound across the country.

Already the band are noted for their complex compositional style. Their influences vary from Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa, Genesis, Mars Volta, Soundgarden, Pixies, Blur and Mclusky. In their short time, they have managed to carve themselves a unique sound that isn’t often heard in the music scene of Peterborough. However, if you’re trying to label their sound, the band agree that it sits comfortably in the prog-pop-psychedelic-avant-garde-rock arena with a love for “Outsider Music”. The band credit themselves equally as the songwriters, although Neil is the main lyricist. Neil’s lyrics have been quoted as being “very english in tone”, “quirky”  and quite often “humorous”.

Ice Cream Headache – Orgasmic Piss

Ice Cream Headache – Evil Zoo Keeper

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