I Am The Law

I Am The Law


 Tennessee groove metallers I Am The Law  are now streaming their new EP “Dance of the Southern Witch” via Indy Metal Vault. The EP is set to be released tomorrow.

Listen to the track here:

Judge, jury, and executioner have arrived in metallic form. I Am The Law, the punishing quintet out of Nashville, Tennessee, are here to exact justice while swigging from a bottle of Coldcock Whiskey. Bluesy groove metal is the trade they ply, tracks drenched in the warmth of the South that can switch from lackadaisical to fist-swinging with just one wrong look. That’s the vibe on new double-single “Dance of the Southern Witch”/“The Earth Will Eat Today”, two wildly different tracks to showcase the dualistic styles mentioned above.

Aside from the Judge Dredd reference, “I Am The Law” is an appropriate moniker for another reason, as the band quip, “You know what? F@$% it! We’ll just do it ourselves,” in the face of the industry machine. As such, while songs like “Dance of the Southern Witch” may lack polish, the sheer energy and authenticity more than compensate. The riffs, rumbling drums, and chaotic vocals stand on their own merit. Imagine a brawl between Lamb of God, He is Legend, and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, and you’ll be somewhere in the right ballpark – until a swinging hook comes in for the knock-out.

With consecutive nominations for Nashville Industry Music Awards under their belts, and a secondary vocalist for double the punching power, I Am the Law they stand ready to knock your lights out.

The EP will be released on May 31 2019.


I Am The Law:
Brandon Howard – Guitar/Vox
Tyler Quillen – Vocals
Brian Bradsher – guitar
Chris Lochbihler – Drums
Nicholas Lochbihler – Bass

Single Tracklisting:
 1. Dance of the Southern Witch
2. The Earth Will Eat Today


I Am The Law – Dance Of The Southern Witch

I Am The Law – Silver Tongues

I Am The Law – Hymn Of The Vulture

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