New Single
‘Sweet Addiction’

Sweet addiction was born in the summer of 2014. The song came to life through the collaboration of Holly Hines Freed, Jacob Fred and Jeff Westlake. 

The song was written with purpose. That purpose was to grab a radio listeners ears and pull them in. 

“It’s not something that is normal for me as a writer but we followed a guideline “ said Westlake . “We sat down and said the song needs this and this and the topic needs to be this and there it was.”

The song has the thing that Hydrogyn has become known for, heavy and catchy groove. 

We brought it back out in 2019 during the writing sessions for THE BOILING POINT and it still was a great song . 

We felt like it is a great song for radio and now that dream has been realized. 


Formed in January 2004, HYDROGYN Quickly took the landscape by storm.

Within the first eighteen months Landing deals with beverage giants Budweiser, Pepsi and producing legend Michael Wagner the band picked up a full head of steam.

With a for18 months of touring and putting out their own self produced album in 2004 the band landed a recording contract with Wagner. Upon entering his wire world studio based in Nashville Tennessee the band set out to record what was to become a multi billboard charting release in their 2006 effort BOMBSHELL.

After the release of BOMBSHELL in September throughout Europe and October for the rest of the world the band embarked on a 2 year trek around the world .

Over the next eight years the band continue to turn out products on a yearly basis with other billboard charting successes to go along with a consistent string of dates being played live.

In 2014 original vocalist Julie left the band. Their was a hiatus for a year while a much needed break and re evaluation of the band by Jeff Westlake.

At the end of the year the band picked up Erica Parrott to take over the vocal position in the band. There was a whole new energy in the band and the release REDEMPTION proved that fact.

This line up of Parrott, Boggs, Sammons , Cardilino and Westlake never played a show together. Erica had some unfortunate events happen after being attacked by a dog that set things aside.

In 2019 Parrott left the band and Westlake went after Holly Hines Freed. Freed had been a decade long friend and client of Westlake. It was the singer he originally wanted after Julie’s departure but she had her own thing going on at that time.

With Holly on board the band what is again repopulated by Westlake with Holly on vocals, husband and bass player Jacob Freed in tow, Ryan Stepp on guitar and vocals, Scot Clayton II on drums and vocals and Westlake again on guitar and vocals.

What came out of the band and the writing sessions for the new album THE BOILING POINT is considered by Westlake to be the band strongest ever to date.

Moving forward they have recorded live album in December 2021 and working on the follow up to the boiling point of which will be released with new artwork and fanfare 1st of October.

HYDROGYN – Disappear



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