HOT SUNDAY BLOOD – single “Prince Radiant”

HOT SUNDAY BLOOD – single “Prince Radiant”

“Prince Radiant”- (5 October 2022, self-release)

Earlier in 2022, the Hot Sunday Blood released their single “Run Baby Run”. Now, a few days ago, they presented their newest song, entitled “Prince Radiant”.

The Hot Sunday Blood present a song based on a completely different formula than the one they used in their previous single. The “Prince Radiant” opens with an electronic/ synthwave intro that has a dancing vibe, before the song gives way to the hefty and sharp riffs that take the song to an alternative metal direction.  Listening to the song you will notice that the electronic ideas are not only present in the song’s intro, but rather they play a key role. While being combined with melody, they reminded me, strangely, of the “One Second”, “Host” and “Symbol of Life” era of Paradise Lost.

Without a doubt, the newest single by Hot Sunday Blood is enjoyable and exciting, with great melodic ideas, solid alternative metal sound and interesting and fitting electronic influences that elevate the whole composition.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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