Holy Grove Charity Fundraiser

Holy Grove Charity Fundraiser

HOLY GROVE Release Live EP to Benefit Family of 3-Year Old with Leukemia

All earnings from pay-what-you-want digital release will go to assist friends of band with medical treatment costs
In March of this year, Portland, Oregon riff-doomsters Holy Grove played a searing set at the 8th annual Ceremony of Sludge, which was professionally recorded for possible future release.  Captured on audio and video using just a handful a mics and some luck, the riveting performance was perfectly in line with the band’s usual energetic delivery.

Today, they’ve elected to release it on a pay-what-you-want basis to help raise money for friends of the band Cassie and Peter, whose 3-year-old daughter, Eli Rose, was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia this past April.  The band explains:

“Eli has a great prognosis for beating her illness but it will be a long road to complete the two-plus years of treatment. Thankfully she has insurance, but Cassie and Peter are still faced with large out-of-pocket expenses. We hope that by releasing this album, we can provide a platform through which to raise awareness and encourage people to contribute to her recovery. All proceeds from this album will be donated directly to the GoFundMe account that has been set up for Eli through her family. We thank you for the support, and we hope you dig the recording!”

Further words from Ceremony of Sludge curator Justin Brown elaborate:

“Every year at Ceremony Of Sludge we film and record the bands, then turn the recordings over to the artists to do with them as they wish. I am so proud of my friends Holy Grove for using the audio recordings of their stellar performance at this year’s Ceremony Of Sludge to help out their friend Eli, who is going through a very rough time as she battles leukemia.

I encourage all fans of heavy music to dig into this live set by Holy Grove simply for the sultry swagger of their performance, but I implore everyone with a pulse to donate everything you can to help a very young person conquer a very cruel disease. As a cancer survivor myself, I can attest firsthand just how meaningful and necessary this kind of support truly is. Please, let’s show Eli the healing power of rock and roll.”

Visit Doomed and Stoned for more info on the release and benefit, as well as to enjoy the video version of Holy Grove’s live set from Ceremony of Sludge.

Holy Grove’s Live from the World Famous Kenton Club EP is available from the band’sBandcamp site on a name-your-price basis, with all monies received going directly to Cassie and Peter for Eli Rose’s treatment.

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