Hollows Release Second Single ‘Apologise’

The band have this to say about the track ‘Apologise was one of our first songs written together as a 3 piece. With this single in particular we had a bass line and lyrics, it was quite a minimalist beginning. Chris really put this track up there as one of our favorites with the guitar work he wrote for it. The song is essentially about stepping back from a situation and realizing that you had made a few mistakes and said things you didn’t mean. It’s an apology (obviously) to a person or situation that no longer exists in your world but that you ultimately wish the best for.’

Hollows are a Sean Davies, Dan Dyson, Chris Prichard and Jack Barnes a Manchester based Alternative 4 piece hailing from across the UK. After a tumultuous start, the band are now stirring up a storm and are set to release their second E.P ‘Dour, Yet Charming’ later this year. The new release comes off the back of a successful 2019 tour for the band, with the second single release ‘Apologise’ becoming a fan favorite early on. The stage is set for what could be an excited future for the band.

The band are available for interview via phone or email. Please tag the band & Puffer Fish in any mentions, reviews or play and I’ll make sure they get shared on socials 

Hollows – Apologise (teaser)

Hollows – Painkiller

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