Hollowed Sky

“Unstrung (Remixed & Remastered),” is now streaming on all platforms!

“Unstrung:” a collection of our most definitive songs, completely remixed and remastered. We have always taken pride in self-producing all of our releases. In the months following the release of our last EP, we realized that we could do a much better job.

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We formed as a band in November of 2016. Berchielli, Bradshaw, and Rupertus were coming off of extended musical hiatuses after their previous projects had fizzled out, and were honestly just looking to jam. Within 30 seconds of the first jam session, we knew we were onto something. The jams eventually started developing structures, and it was several months later that we decided we needed to find a singer. Once Orem came aboard, the structured jams truly became songs, and we decided it was time to head to the studio.

Our self-titled debut EP was self-produced and recorded in a couple of basements (outside of mastering) during the fall of 2017, and was released on November 9th, 2017 (less than one year after our first jam). It has gone on to receive thousands of streams

When we released our debut in 2017, we hadn’t even played a show together yet.  Since then, we’ve had many notable shows including a couple of opening slots for national touring band Hed PE (note: the second event was cancelled due to COVID-19) . We’ve also gained well over 5000 followers combined across social media and music streaming accounts, have launched this website, and are looking to further expand our footprint on Spotify and elsewhere in 2021.

Our second EP, “Strings,” was released on Leap Day, February 29th, 2020, and has received positive reviews. Writing for the second EP began in 2017, and the album was self-produced and recorded in basements and bedrooms (again, outside of mastering) during the fall and early winter of 2019.

As the months rolled by during the COVID-19 crisis, it became evident to us from comments we heard, and things we noticed, that our mix for the Strings EP wasn’t quite up to snuff. We take great pride in self-producing our own music, recordings, and artwork; and that’s why we decided to rerelease the songs in 2021 with an upgraded mix. We weren’t exactly sure how best to rerelease something so soon after the initial EP dropped, so the decision was made to also remaster our most definitive tracks from our self-titled EP, and create our first full length album— Unstrung.

The album drops 2.26.21.

Charles Rupertus – Bass
Joe Bradshaw – Drums
Stephen Berchielli – Guitar
Jay Orem – Vocals

Hollowed Sky – Baltimore

Hollowed Sky – soviet red

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