Hollowed Sky – The Unstrung Interview

“Coming February 26th, 2021–- “Unstrung:” a collection of our most definitive songs, completely remixed and remastered. We have always taken pride in self-producing all of our releases. In the months following the release of our last EP, we realized that we could do a much better job.”

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PD: What made you decide to re-do the album?

HS: As you may know, we self-record/produce all of our own releases. In the months following the release of the “Strings” EP, it became evident to us that the mix had some major issues (lack of a strong sounding low end being the main one, but there are many others). Some issues we noticed ourselves, and some were pointed out by reviewers/critics along the way. We all felt that the songs were strong enough that they deserved a better fate, mix-wise, and that’s when we started tinkering with it again to see what could be done. Then the tough decision came to also remix 4 songs from our self-titled EP, to try and make something more of this release, rather than just a total rehash. We are shooting for a full-length album that truly defines what we want our sound to be.


PD: Was there a particular track that you thought would benefit the most from this release?

HS: The problems with the mix existed with all 5 songs on the “Strings” EP, so they all needed to be redone. However, the song “Bleeding Out” was one of the more noticeably clunky sounding ones from that EP. 


PD: What had you learned most about production work that gave you the confidence to go back into the studio?

HS: Well, one of the main things that we did differently this time around was to use a team of mix-advisers/consultants along the way to make sure we weren’t going off track with the mix. Doing it ourselves, sometimes you can’t hear the forest through the trees, and things can go off the rails. Our team kept us in check, and stopped us from going off course. Other than that, I think we also gained a much better understanding of how to use compression, reverb, and eq on different mix elements. Overall, the new mix has a lot more low end, and a lot more clarity as a whole.


PD: After listening to both albums, I can clearly hear that Unstrung has a much more controlled feel to it. It sounds more accomplished and less raw. Is that something that you hoped to achieve?

HS: Definitely. I think a lot of that has to do with a better sounding and better articulated low end. The guitars and vocals were also improved upon, but the drums and the bass guitar were two elements that probably needed the most addressing from our prior mixes. We think that, overall, the mix just sounds a lot cleaner, and a lot less compressed. More powerful. With this new mix, you will notice new things that you didn’t before if you’ve listened to the old ones.


PD: Where can we buy the album from?

If you’d like to buy a physical copy of the album on CD, you can head to the “Merch” section of our website, where you can also find both of our EPs, t-shirts, and stickers.


PD: Which track (or tracks) would you say define you?

HS: That’s a tough one. I would say the first song we wrote where we sort of found our sound was probably “Earth & Sky.” It is the fifth song we wrote together, and  hardly any of the songs we’ve written since remind us very much of the songs we had written before then. But if there was only one song to define us, I would say the song “Strings” is a good showcase of what we are generally about, overall.


PD: If you had to pigeon hole your sound, what other artists would you say Hollowed Sky are similar to?

HS: We hear from fans/friends that we sound sort of like if Tool and Incubus had a kid. Each one of us in this band draws from many different influences, and it all comes together when we jam/write. We tend to write with atypical song structures, and we like to be rhythmically interesting without being so complicated that it turns listeners off, and at times we sound very heavy without quite sounding like metal, if any of that makes sense. 


PD: With the lack of touring possibilities due to the pandemic, what is the best way for people to support the band?

HS: First thing is to follow us on Spotify and/or Apple Music, because those seem to be the main places people stream their tunes these days. You could also head to any of our social media accounts and smash that “follow’ button. Twitter and Instagram seem to be the most interactive these days, but we’re still on Facebook, as well. You can also support us by heading to our website or Bandcamp page and buying some band merchandise.


PD: So what is next for Hollowed Sky, how is 2021 looking for you?

HS: We are in the midst of writing new material. We already have the music for 3 songs just about complete, and are planning to write about 4 or 5 more, and then start the recording process again, and with any luck, we’ll release something new in 2022! We hope to hit the stage at some point this year, as well. We are missing that for sure.


PD: Have you any message for the people out there?

HS: What we really want is for anybody reading this to find our new album, get yourself in the right state of mind to enjoy it, put some nice headphones on, kick your feet up, lean your head back, close your eyes, and enjoy the musical ride! If you have heard any of our tunes before, we think you will experience them differently with “Unstrung.” If you haven’t heard our tunes before, then “Unstrung” is the perfect way to enjoy them for the first time.


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