The Alternative Pop-Rock of  Himmelstarr

Two-man alt rockers Himmelstarr just released a cover of The  Cure’s “Pictures Of You” and it’s the cover you’ve been waiting to hear. Anyone with a love for The Cure and a hankering for hard rock will absolutely dig this song. Himmelstarr puts it all together without a hitch and you can hear the nod to not only The Cure, but the music of a generation. The release is only available on their Bandcamp page right now. The cover comes with a few more songs as part of their “Revolution” EP including a single called “Rise Up” which also plays a major part in showing the band’s actual style. Here is what they had to say about the release: 

“The record is called Revolution. You can take that in the political sense but it’s also about how our world is changing right now. Everything is turning over and we need to stay balanced to come out better on the other side.”

Himmelstarr – Pictures of You

Himmelstarr – Rise Up

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