Hell Beings

Hell Beings

Hell Beings

The Hell Beings have been carving themselves a niche in and around Brighton with dynamically rich proto-punk rock noise funnelling through left wing anger, the insufferable nature of the selfish world around us, at the lack-lustre sensibilities of a world gone mad and being driven into man-made hell, a rich man’s playground.

A stripped down three piece void of banks of processors and effects sound like a home-made go-kart powered by a jet engine, Hell Beings proudly display a blind indifference to the fashions, fads and the soon to be forgotten collective hysteria that elevates dull and politically mute sock-puppets to stardom. There is too much reliance on things that don’t matter, not just politically but in music – swirling flangers, disorientating digital delay, all to disguise the lack of ideas and lack of sincerity.

A barking voice of sanity in a world that is built on foundations of forgotten hope and collective madness.

Hell Beings new release in this man’s garden/gud gyz now on Bandcamp


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