Heathen Foray

But now it’s getting really hearty!
In order to give the Metal scene a good dose of good humor again after the troublesome and deprivation-filled crisis months of 2020, HEATHEN FORAY are now approaching it in an emphatically entertaining and humorous way!

On May 7th, 2021 the Graz-based company will release a hard-metal cursed snappy cover version of the Austrian multi-platinum hit “Steirermen San Very Good” by the popular trio Die Stoakogler , who have become famous far beyond the local borders :

In 2018 the three Stoakogler celebrated their 50th (!) Anniversary as a music group, which is a rather rare celebration even in the popular music world.

Axeman Jürgen Brüder comments on the current artwork of “Steirermen San Very Good”:
“On it you can see the skull of a deer. It hangs on the house of the Wildingers (Max, Bass & Alex, Guitar) at their grandfather’s house. We took the latest band photos there and it caught my eye immediately. The stag’s skull looks really great on the one hand after Metal, on the other hand it has something pagan about it and thirdly it probably also stands for something. What exactly? For old, decaying traditions that no one needs anymore? For the death that will one day overtake us all? For all the virus The horror of last year 2020? The white / green paint represents the flag of our homeland, Styria. Throughout the whole, the ‘Dachstein’, the highest peak in Styria, shines through from the background. The triskelion at the bottom right has been since the ‘Weltenwandel’ ‘Album in use as an alternative band logo.And because the new single song is only available on Spotify etc. anyway, we have dispensed with any additional lyrics. 

“Armored Bards” – it was high time that this great BATTLE METAL hit was released again in 2018! After a legal battle with the former record label, HEATHEN FORAY finally got the rights back to the album.

This time “Armored Bards” was released as a limited digipak edition. The disc was released on September 24, 2018 – exactly eight years after its release on the same date in 2010.

This re-release was and is only available in the official band shop or at concerts. Musically, the re-release strictly adheres to the original release.

The booklet, which has been expanded this time, contains all the lyrics and previously unpublished pictures from the tour for the album. In addition, there are notes and comments from the band on each song. 

In 2016, the album was removed from online platforms by the former record company. HEATHEN FORAY will make “Armored Bards” available again as a download on Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes etc. in the course of the re-release. The streaming version of the album will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Fierce, what thunders there, and an official increase on the previous album at that! It can be clearly heard that the praiseworthy, zealous Austrians played their fingers and ankles sore for “Armored Bards” in order to be able to create such strongly electrifying hammer compositions at all.

HEATHEN FORAY have put a lot of effort into the tone sequences for “Armored Bards” and only used the best and most timeless melodies for their lovingly created tracks. Because in this sector there is not a single sag or failure to be registered.

The audibly very ambitious horde around singer Robert Schroll cultivated their powerful mix of Pagan, Viking and Heathen Metal with remarkable determination and faithfulness to the line. And that the extensive creative efforts of the quintet have been enthusiastically honored so far is not surprising when listening to their compositions: Because HEATHEN FORAY are serious, that cannot be dismissed out of hand.

Especially lovers of frenetically drilled guitar thunderstorms of the old genre school get their money’s worth with “Armored Bards” , because these Austrian pagan and historical metallers like to build very solid foundations for their epic thunder songs.

Since their reunion at the beginning of 2018, HEATHEN FORAY are fully back. (Markus Eck)

Heathen Foray – Steirermen San Very Good (May 7th 2021)

Heathen Foray – Essenz

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