Hawking is an Alt Rock 4-piece from Vancouver, Canada. Their music combines powerful, melodic vocals with surgically tight, interlocking guitarwork and syncopated rhythms to yield a sound as viscerally impactful as it is highly addictive.

The band’s debut LP will see its release this year, constructing a robust and precise work of musical architecture atop the rock-solid foundation laid with their 2015 self-titled EP. (“Musically academic guitar rock different enough to distinguish it from any crowd, but familiar enough to satisfy a variety of audiences.” —Ghettoblaster Magazine)

Known for being one of Canada’s hardest-touring independent bands, Hawking notoriously delivers an intense and dramatic live experience wherever they tread. An onslaught of international dates tends to await the quartet at every turn, demonstrating their dedication to the road warrior lifestyle.

An outfit of Canadian music mavericks who continue to take the scene by storm, Hawking is driven to make passionate, real, and memorable music for many years to come.

HAWKING – Comfortable

HAWKING – Books On Tape

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