Hand of the Tribe

Hand of the Tribe

Hand of the Tribe

Dave Henriquez aka Henrock, producer, performer, and singer songwriter for the national band Hourcast has started a new project..Hand Of TheTribe
His music was featured on the Saw III soundtrack, Wanted television show, and his 1st single was on a compilation called For The Lady with Paul McCartney, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Eric Clapton, Tom Morello, U2 , Pearl Jam, Coldplay, REM, Matchbox 20, Natalie Merchant among others. He has toured with 30 Seconds to Mars, Godsmack, Breaking Benjamin, Black Label Society, Volbeat, Sevendust, Puddle Of Mudd, All That Remains, The Damned Things, CKY among many others.. He has played festivals like Rock On The Range, the Warped Tour at Mile High Stadium as well as arena and stadium shows all over the US and Canada. He has starred in several music videos and has been in the top 30 charts on 4 separate occasions. Dave’s music has sold tens of thousands of cd’s and singles and he gained a huge following through constant touring. His new project is called
Hand Of The Tribe.
This will be the mother of them all…

Emily Grogan Guitar Vocals.
From composing a song for a Sony movie to starring in the 13 episode prime time Canadian TV series “Rocker Moms” to being nominated for a Boston Music Award for best female vocalist to playing several instruments in several bands, Emily Grogan is a full spectrum
musician. A classically trained pianist, punk rock drummer, reggae saxophonist and guitarist/singer songwriter, she’s performed both nationally and
internationally and has written and released over 40 songs to critical acclaim. As the Boston Herald is quoted saying: “Emily Grogan may well turn out to be the next big thing out of Boston’s music scene…

Mike Odabashian Drums, Vocals
Mike hales from Massachusetts and has toured extensively through out the entire nation. He has shared the stage with Mudvane, Chevelle, Exodus, 3rd Eyeblind to name a few. He and guitarist “Henrock” have played in numerous projects together and have released 2 albums. Mike currently resides in California where he is trying to rule the universe 1 snare hit at a time.

Justin Plante Bass, Vocals
Justin grew up in Massachusetts after his ship crashed on Earth. Kindergarten acquaintances with Mike, they’ve played together for years and multiple projects, each further establishing the telepathy. He’s played with and shared the stage with many greats while persuing the arts in many forms.. Now he has joined forces with Hand Of The Tribe where he will take it to new heights..

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Hand of the Tribe – Everything is Love

Hand of the Tribe – Tear Me Apart (teaser)

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