2006 HAFLINGERALLERGIE was founded – first recording of “Musicbox”.

Towards the end of 2010 the first CD “Musicbox” was recorded. On it you can hear anything from classic goth (-rock) pieces like “Musicbox” and “Slow” via singer/songwriter-underground (“Cigarette”, “Change”, “Graveyard” – were the lyrics are in the foreground) and punk reminiscences (“Birds”) through to experimental (“Haunted”).

Beginning of 2012 was the 1. internet radio appearance in the “Welcome To Kreepsville” show on Deathrock Radio from Tampa Florida ( where DJ Rivithead played “Birds”.

In March 2012 “Isolation”, in January 2013 “Medication” was released.
The song Medication is featured on the sampler Gothic Rock Around The World II by Sombrati Records.

Haflingerallergies latest release (2016) „Bury Them Deep“ tells a post-punk and deathrock tale of ancient horror and mystery, in which an island is haunted by evil itself. Or so it seems…..

DJ El Gurú (Criminal Tango Show, Wicked Spins Radio, Amautica): “It is a musical rollercoaster, punk, dark and doom with the characteristic Haflingerallergie sound.”

Available as download and cd on Bandcamp.

Haflingerallergie – Cursed

Haflingerallergie – Rough ‘n’ Steep

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