Gus McArthur

Gus McArthur

Progressive metal collective Gus McArthur have released a new single on Spotify, entitled “All I See”.

“All I See” tells an intense story of the human struggle to belong. A journey through separate lives, characters and time each searching for their meaning to “Rise” above the world’s pressure. The band wanted to use many eclectic metal styles, but created a blend that will sound completely new; the Nu Metal of 2019.

About Gus McArthur: Where there are lies the truth exists, sometimes co-mingled and yet untouched awaiting the balance to be shifted by action, always by action. There are fools on the see-saw though, using their bulbous bellies, and bulging egos to twist the true thing into another while screaming for all the other fools to ride on their side. Put all your body, spirit, mind into the deception, together, until the see will not saw, held in stop motion by the fanatics on their ride, all the fools on one side.

Beware the mob that stands only in the glow of their own light. They will bludgeon all others as lost in the darkness outside of any claim to what is right. Some will hide, or sneak, or smile and wave, while scheming their plot to enslave, holding back all the rage for just the right moment to pull the mask away revealing the horror, of the Fanatic. (Transmission from Gus McArthur)

Gus McArthur was formed by brothers Gordon “Gus the Hater” (lead vocals) and Sean (guitar/vocals) Honan in 2014; each from a different musical background, the two decided to combine their unique styles into a blend of their genres and influences, which range from Metallica, Rage against the Machine, Queen, Muse to System of a Down. In late 2015, the band was solidified upon meeting their drummer Johnson “the Z” Zhang, taking their music to a new level. Together they recorded and released Chapter 1: Hysterics, in 2016, kicking off the legend of Gus McArthur. The San Diego, CA-based group have an ever-evolving sound that develops daily, combining their rock and metal inspirations with lyrical hip hop.

Gus McArthur – All I See

Gus McArthur – The Calling

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