Gundacker creator Dave Gundacker grew up in Anchorage Alaska where he learned to play guitar and drums. Dave has since spent years writing, recording and performing original melodic hard rock music. He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in the 80’s where he performed in a popular Bay Area melodic hard rock/glam rock band. When the hard music environment of the 80’s-90’s changed, Dave stopped performing his original music to audiences.

Gundacker packs an electrical charge into its melodic Hard Rock encompassing infectious hooks, powerful guitar riffs and full vocal harmonies. Lead Vocalist Amanda Dieck lights up the stage with her ring master presence and powerful voice. Dave Gundacker’s razor sharp guitar licks and leads blast jolts of high energy which could fill any Rock arena. Drummer, and heartbeat of the band, Craig Martin pounds with precise and yet animalistic abandon while WIN! The Bass Maiden holds on to the driver’s wheel as much as she slides and glides along the Bass frets and the stage. Paul Keller on guitar who he has toured with 3 (Keith Emerson, Carl Palmer, Robert Berry) and he now plays with us!!

Currently Gundacker is writing and recording music for their follow up album that will be called “Jekyll and Hyde that will coming out in March while they continue to perform around the San Francisco Bay Area supporting their new band sound.  

Gundacker – Save Yourself

Gundacker – If The Wolf Cries

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