Grand Ultra

Grand Ultra

Grand Ultra

Grand Ultra are from Nottingham UK. They play rock and metal of various shades raging from classic 80s to heavier modern styles and different stops in between. To throw some names out they love bands like The winery dogs, avenged sevenfold, lynch mob, megadeth and whitesnake.

“There are lots of great bands out there but not enough and defintely not making what we make. It’s what we love and dream to live. Being a rock star isn’t what it used to be and we accept that but there more to life than working full time in various factories and shops like we do so we do what keeps us sane and happy.”

The band formed after Justin and Joe met on a musician site much like a dating site. They shared many of the same influences and after some riffs and vocals we’re exchanged discovered they we’re a perfect match. Gary and Stu were friends of Joe and after they heard the ideas were along for the ride. “We don’t model ourselves after anyone else and that give us a freedom to make a unique blend of styles that is genuinely hard to describe. I believe this in itself means we’re doing something right and forging our own style.”

Joe Hill – Vocals
Justin Larner – Guitar
Stuart Wildey – Bass Guitar
Gazz Evans – Drums

Grand Ultra – MirrorMirror

Grand Ultra – Change

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Band location – Nottingham England

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