Graham Bodenham

Graham Bodenham

Check out Graham’s new video single, ‘Fantasy Girl’, (avilable 15/07/2019)

‘Fantasy Girl’ is a pop rock story which describes a relationship with an amazing woman with many desirable attributes, such that the author cannot believe his luck. The lyrics describe the woman as “too good to be true” which leads us to wonder if she is real or maybe just a figment of the author’s imagination. The video concept was to create a montage of about 60 short, unrehearsed, unscripted cameo shots of real women in normal or natural daily situations to provide a counterpoint to the impossible expectations conjured up by the fantasy image of the song lyrics. The subjects were women I encountered randomly over a six month period in Edinburgh ; on the street, in the museum, in markets and in parks. With no studio, no Photoshop, no special make-up and no special effects, the women were invited to express themselves however they chose. The resulting video shows that we are surrounded by strong, confident women, demonstrating a rich diversity of styles.

 Considering what constitutes a ‘Fantasy Girl’, I suspect that everyone’s answer will be as varied as each other. I hope that the video might also challenge the current trend for unnatural, surgically or technically enhanced images of women which are so prevalent in the media and online.

 Amazing Radio says: “Musically, ‘Fantasy Girl’ is classic guitar rock with a rock solid beat and a very catchy, sing along chorus. Musical influences for this song include Chris Rea, Bruce Springsteen, Blink 182, Feeder, Primal Scream, Nickelback, REM, Roxette, Bob Seger, Semisonic, Weezer”. I’m very happy with this description since these are some of my favourite artists so it’s inevitable that some influence will rub off, although I do like a wide range of musical tastes.

 The song ‘Fantasy Girl’ originally came out as an album track on my independent first album, ‘Selfie’, and has been so successful with radio stations that I decided to give it a remix and shoot a video to accompany it. I am very pleased with the remix which sounds much more punchy with all new drums and bass tracks.

Graham Bodenham is a musician, based in Edinburgh, UK. Currently playing kit with Little Love & The Friendly Vibes, ocasionally plays with The Ringos, working on his own projects and interested in collaborating with singers or songwriters. Graham is also a professional sound engineer, backline tech and occasional DJ.

Check out Graham’s video single, ‘My Town’

Graham explains ‘My Town’ is a protest song; a lament for the beautiful city of Edinburgh which is being over-run by developers, often against the wishes and best interests of the local population. I have personally supported both the Save Leith Walk and Save Meadowbank campaigns and found myself frustrated by the unilateral response of the council and developers. When I thought about what I could possibly contribute, this is what I came up with.

Graham Bodenham – Fantasy Girl

Graham Bodenham – My Town

Graham Bodenham – Call The Doctor

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