Golden Shag

Golden Shag

Golden Shag

Golden Shag are a musical group created between 2013 and 2014 in Tucumán, the initiative was born as sporadic improvisation and development between a group of friends interested in music and rock culture.

Starting from the creative need to carry out a serious musical project, with fixed members and without many conventional rules, the band achieved stability and a small rehearsal room in Tafí Viejo where the improvisations managed to become tracks and that is how they undertook the composition of own musical pieces.

Misc rock, fusion or alternative are categories that could come to describe the musical style of Golden Shag. Many of the compositions are instrumental, approaching varied and even polarized environments, looking for the clash between styles.

Drums: Joaquin Exequiel Alvarez || Bass: Ricardo Gor || Tenor Sax: Nacho Barrionuevo || Keyboard and Choirs: Ricardo David Alvarez || Voice and percussion: Santiago Caceres

Golden Shag – Tempestad En El Planeta Zentius

Golden Shag

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Band location – Tucumán, Argentina

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