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Glass Unicorn rose from the ashes of the band The Last Unicorn in December 1991. From January 1992 they began writing new material which would feature on their first album “Out of the Woodwork”. This album would feature the talents of the late guitarist Will Greenwood. Glass Unicorn’s first gig was at the Mottingham Music Festival, at this event GU had not one but two guitarists, the former “Under Mirkwood” guitarist Nick Hollis. Nick left in July of 1992, Will left GU in February of 1993 and they continued as a four piece until July that year when they were joined by guitarist Keith Postill. In 1994 GU went into The Shed Recording studios to record their second album “Stone Circles”. For this album they were augmented by Theresa Derbyshire on vocals, Theresa had joined in September of 1994 and had an immediate impact on the sound of the band. By the beginning of 1995 the band were preparing material for their next album, “Storm Clouds Rising” which was to be recorded at Courtyard Studios in Stockport. In this writers opinion what would be their best album to date, but alas what would be their last. The album was completed in September of 1995 and was a brilliant collection of songs. Sadly GU had called it a day in June ’95, fulfilling their last two gigs as a four piece. Initially Dave, Theresa, Carl and Andy formed The Rainmakers later changing their name to Night Owl Cafe. In November of 1997 Carl had asked Mike if he would be willing to work together again with their former keyboard player Jonathan Butcher on a new project. They spent the following two years writing and producing what would be their one and only album “Table Manners” under the name of Bryn Celli Ddu. The line up included Andy F on bass, Rob McWhirter on guitar and bass, Katherine Hatch (Morelli) voice and special guest appearance from Theresa D on the track “Lost in the Harbour”. Jump forward to 2014, Mike and Andy hadn’t stopped writing and after an aborted album which had been started in Manchester they decided to start again when Dave D offered to record the songs again at his home studio. Things were put on hold for a little while until September 2015, when talk of a name for the new project was broached. It was at Dave’s suggestion that they call themselves Glass Unicorn again and so that was it. Carl agreed to come back and play drums, though at the time he didn’t have any drums to play. Leaving only the position of guitarist to fill.
Jump to February 2016 and enter Alan Smith, an acquaintance of Andy who could play guitar. Alan played with us until the beginning of February 2017 when he decided to leave the band. His replacement was Mark Cockburn who learnt his trade as an recording engineer at the late Strawberry Studios in Stockport. Glass Unicorn are going from strength to strength and begin recording their first album since 1995 this year. There is also a live album in the pipeline.

Glass Unicorn – Save Me

Glass Unicorn – Seven Sisters

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