Get The Fuck Outta Dodge


Is 37 covers in a year too much? Not for Get The Fuck Outta Dodge who are about to release “These Songs Still Aren’t Ours” A 22 track garage/punk bonanza of noise and energy that will be released on a very limited homemade lino printed cassette, as well as the usual digital outlets.

2020 was a prolific year for Get The Fuck Outta Dodge, releasing These Songs Aren’t Ours (15 covers from the past and present), We Make the Future Here (a five track pummelling ep of noisy hardcore shenanigans) and 2nd album proper “Buzzkill” (a machine gun riot of fuzzy bass and pounding drums)

Never ones to sit on their laurels (or arses for that matter), the boredom bug bit badly during lockdown 2 (The Revenge) and rather than sit and twiddle their thumbs, they got their heads together to record another 22 slabs of cover version goodness via the tin can phone connected by string.

From the Dwarves punk rock fury of “I Will Deny” to the pop princess punch of Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too” via the sheer cheekiness of Lil’ Chris’ Checkin’ it out and everything in between, there’s something for everyone on These Songs Still Aren’t Ours, all smothered in Get The Fuck Outta Dodge special sauce….

The internets are already saying stuff like…”Sounds massive and evil” and “I actually love this cover, so much chaos and fun” and “straight up ballsy kick ya in the dick rock” and finally “better than the original. I like the crunch!”

Available as an uber ltd edition cassette, with handmade lino printed sleeves, it’s a tasty dish that will slip down your ear canal easily on a warm spring day. Released via Bandcamp on the 10/05/21 and stream from…well when its online.

Get The Fuck Outta Dodge are James (bass) and Ren (drums) who make garagey/punky/harcorey noise via the gift of big muff, big drums and big mouths.

Formed in 2019 as a bit of a piss take, Ren Dodge wanted to learn drums, make a band and record an album before hitting that 40-55 demographic tickbox (he was 39 and a half at the time).

Within 4 months they had sleazed out their debut album Climbing Higher, Hitting Harder than King Kong being released via the Laundrette Recording Company.

In mid-2020 lockdown dystopia, the duo released a covers album, These Songs Aren’t Ours, recorded remotely via the gift of tin cans connected by string. The album showcases their eclectic influences covering bands from a vast array of genres and a damn fine version of Joe Jackson’s I she really going out with him.

September 2020 the We Make The Future Here EP dropped on an unsuspecting public to a prodigious reception. 5 sonic blasts that clock in at just over 5 minutes accompanied by 4 music videos pulled from the ether of the interwebs finest (and cheapest) purveyors of video trickery. Earworms a plenty and short enough that you can listen to it twice in the time it would take you to listen to November Rain or Bat Out of Hell….or even the theme tune to Quantum Leap…maybes

The EP stood as an appetite wetter for their forthcoming 2nd album Buzzkill which was released on 30th October 2020. An album jam packed with fat riffs, pounding drums and singalong choruses that embed itself in the conscious of punk loving urchins across the globe.

Attracting a 4* review from the ever amazing The Punk site and Ear Nutrition just confirming that… “Buzzkill simply is, with this “is” being exactly what you’d expect from an underground two-piece Punk band. A high-quality, raucous ride of confident and intrinsic energy, well confined and distributed within a small yet refined maniacal and spasmodic powerhouse.”

Some people say go big or go home, some say tune in and drop out. We say Get The Fuck Outta Dodge!!!!   

Get The Fuck Outta Dodge – Close To Me

Get The Fuck Outta Dodge – Let’s Get Fucking Physical

Get The Fuck Outta Dodge – We Make The Future Here

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