Funky AF

Funky AF

“This band is TIGHT!!!” -Dot Todman,  Vocal coach, American Idol commentator

Funky AF has a simple mission: to heal the planet in these divisive times by bringing people together.

They live this mission by who they are— an extremely diverse group of music industry veterans from the East and West coasts and Middle America, ranging in ages from their 30s to 70s— united under a common goal: to play uplifting dance music from around the world.

The band formed in Venice, CA. They play a mix of world music, moving fluidly from reggae to Latin to Middle Eastern and West African rhythms to, of course, funk.

Seeing the band onstage, as experience combines with youthful energy, it’s clear that their differences are their strengths. And as audiences listen, enjoy, and dance to the music, the understanding and the connections everyone builds help move the world just a little closer towards a place of peace.

Funky AF – Danny Weed

Funky AF – Crystal Ball


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