Fortress Under Siege – “Atlantis”

Fortress Under Siege – “Atlantis”


  1. Love Enforcer
  2. Lords Of Death
  3. Atlantis
  4. Holding a Breath
  5. Silence of Our Words
  6. Vengeance
  7. Seventh Son
  8. Lethe
  9. Spartacus
  10. Hector’s Last Fight
  11. Time For Rage
  12. The Road Unknown

The “Atlantis” was one of the best power/progressive metal releases of 2020, striking like thunder into the metal scene and placing the Fortress Under Siege as one of the most promising bands. Truth is that although they had released only 2 full-lengths and one EP prior to the “Atlantis”, the Fortress Under Siege had earned a spot in the hearts of the fans. Still, with their third work the power metal band from Athens, crossed the borders and from being one of the best Greek metal bands, became one of the most exciting names of the modern power metal.

With sweeping, epic harmonies and sharp and crunchy riffs, the Fortress Under Siege present a work that combines perfectly the musicality with the compositional showmanship, resulting in a memorable and stunning record. The guitar duo of Fotis and Themis is simply stunning. Expressive lead harmonies and shredding solos, to satisfy the guitarists’ ego, compose a perfect guitar work that without overshadowing the rest of the band, it manages to shine through and leave a memorable performance.  Of course, we can’t talk about the “Atlantis” without mentioning its killer rhythmic section. Punchy and beefy bass lines that work in the service of the song without sacrificing presence or creativity, and a very precise and delicate yet aggressive and fiery drum work, conclude the base of the album, the rhythmic foundation upon which the third work of Fortress Under Siege is built. A noteworthy performance, also, gives the singer Tazos Lazaris. that is both emotional and theatrical, elevating the compositions to a higher level.

Once again the Greek power metal scene feeds the power/progressive metal scene with an amazing album. In a scene that slowly falls into repetition and shows an unfortunate lack of creativity and fresh ideas, bands like the Fortress Under Siege show the way for the genre’s revival. With a fresh and tight sound, the “Atlantis” is a beckon of hope that two years later still shines bright.

If you haven’t already listened to the “Atlantis”, then you should not waste any more time. A listening is all it takes to get hooked and I can’t recommend enough this great release by the Fortress Under Siege.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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