Flowers Of Evil

The sound that Flowers of Evil possesses is not a jovial one to say the least. There is enigma and confusion, a sense of melancholy and dread. At times, the music may shine a light of happiness and beauty but you feel the joy, the groove, yet a sense of foreboding. That is what Flowers of Evil is. It is not just the music, it is a brain, and the music is the voice, which speaks for itself.

Their first single ‘Lifestream’ by the newly formed Manchester 2 piece, discusses the true fact that almost everything in life now is just one big livestream. Technology has beaten us, yet we as humans invented technology. We are slowly isolating ourselves from others until we are just one on our own. The guitar driven single of Holy Faith, is a fantastic gell of rock and dance with irony at religious connotations. The track explores how most of humanity still regards and worships the Bible. It presents ideas that words and information are more durable than ourselves and how the power of speech will never be lossed. Its philosophical content is stimulating.

Getting Better is their latest single, released on 8th January 2021. This track is a whole different kettle of fish. Its lyrical subject is contemporary. Getting Better for Flowers of Evil means to them how much the COVID-19 pandemic has had a great negative effect on humanity and it’s that little click of the fingers, the little prayer to yourself, that it could be all over but knowing that we are long away from what was normal. The song is dreamy and so is the sound. It’s a welcome back to normal placard.

Flowers of Evil are ambitious, in their work, craft of the music, performance, attire and attitude is what makes them stand out from the Manchester crowd. Performing a livestream at The Yard on the 24th to promote their new single, planning their next EP. This is the band we have all been waiting for.

Flowers of Evil are:
Louis Grayson (Guitar and producer)
Oscar Puente (Vocals and producer)

Flowers Of Evil – Getting Better

Flowers Of Evil – Lifestream

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