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flowers in syrup

Certainly no strangers is the Flowers in Syrup captivating music to us here at FORKSTER Music Promotions. It was an exceptional honour in covering them back in the November/December months of 2015, with a promo spot we did for them on their significant debut EP entitled “Getting Closer”. We have always felt since then that they were a very important music statement and they really had a good shot at becoming an extremely significant band on the independent rock circuit for years to come. Well, they are certainly going to make us look even more admirable at picking bands on the music rise globally now. Their amazing new music is almost upon us and they could potentially have a music accomplishment in becoming a household name in the global ear rock module communities, it’s that smashing good.
Flowers in Syrup releases their 2nd studio EP “SkyDivers” digitally everywhere on the 23rd of June 2017, as well as you will be able to purchase it worldwide as a physical CD on the 30th of June 2017.
One characteristic that we felt all along that separated Flowers in Syrup from most of the pack was a music maturity fullness. When we recently were notified from their management that they would be purchasing our services again for helping in promoting their latest music we were thrilled, but even with being personal fans of their music honestly I don’t think we saw this coming and ‘wow’ is FORKSTER himself personally thrilled to bits in providing you all the rocking goods on this massive EP’s flair.
“SkyDivers” is a music masterpiece. The EP superbly gleams out an all- powerful rock grandeur with an exceptionally gifted experimental swirling madness. A lot to do with creating this gem was how the trio from Stuttgart, Germany, Costantino Campello Squeo (vocalist/guitarist), Nico Mania (drummer) and Tobias Sippel (bassist), let us all worry about what we categorized it as and they magnificently went on to make a record that kept to their standard alternative rock platform, but for the more diverse alt-rock fans you’ll hear and absolutely ‘rock out’ for their post-rock brightness, hard rock crunch and their atmospheric noise rock charm.
This undeniably gifted music EP has taken their musicianship maturity and overall song structures to the comparisons now of atmospheric rock goliaths such as U2 and Radiohead. They have that desire and extra kick in the music tank to push the experimentation bar, but at the same time establish entire efforts where every song on it is worthy and wanted for their own listening purposes from playing out universally on radio stations to music appreciators everywhere who want them now in their constant/daily music playlists, gargantuan music release!

Flowers in Syrup – Musician Breakdowns: by FORKSTER

Vocals – Even within my promotional features I never truly name out a person’s talents under this section, but Mr. Costantino Campello Squeo is truly an exception and a vocal inspiration for alternative rock vocalists today. He just oozes out a passion and presence to the comparison of legendary proven artists like Bono to Thom Yorke. It is a swooning and heartfelt grace that phenomenally shines throughout this EP. His vocal presentation is a ‘dynamical work of musical art’.

Guitars – Soaring /roaring music potency that were magnetic in overall skill and I truly was in total agreement over his every chord, effect and jam heard, this guitar wizard was emphatically quaking out more than admirable riff gusto. He has such a proficient command of his music craft, certainly owns a sparkling togetherness on the entire EP, riff goods are special here, for sure!

Bass – The low-end boom on this entire music effort is ‘without a shadow of a doubt’ executed from and only’ capable bass maestro. The deepness he provides is a very welcomed and pivotal part to their whole sound platform. From ‘striving and thriving’ notes, jams or gravitating bow mastery, he brought expertise shows always, was always sounding ‘swinging’ robustly!

Drums – There is a elevated beat groove grand stage here that this rocking cat so wholeheartedly packs in his absolutely loaded drum holters. I had such a respect and admiration for hearing his diversified champion rhythms from rock n’ roll mighty strut, jazzy and swinging rolls, bouncing tribal swoop to fantastically ‘bashing and crashing’ jamming monsoons, best drum efforts heard this year, ‘no doubt about it’!

Flowers in Syrup – Karmageddon

Flowers in Syrup – If It’s True

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