Flood Peak

Flood Peak

Flood Peak began in Portland, Oregon in 2016. Their sonic journey started to advance with a mix of chaotic and droning riffs, creatively frantic drums, sparsely raw vocals, and monstrous bass that creates a delicate wall of filth. They soon discovered the ingredients of their audible makeup and felt compelled to move forward. 

With the debut album Plagued by Sufferers release, Flood Peak is ready to spread their hopeless form of blackened sludge through word of mouth and live performances. The album, comprising of four tracks of considerable length, embodies the aura of bleakness and hopelessness, at the same time it radiates incalculable amount of dark and chaotic energy. Embrace the blackened sludge absurdity through disfigured and desolated heavy riffs. 
Plagued by Sufferers is out now on all digital platforms; the band is in search of a label to release this opus (as well as the future offerings) in physical format. 
Peter Layman – Guitars & Vocals
Pierre Carbuccia – Bass 
Dylan Stuntebeck – Drums 

Flood Peak – Precursor

Flood Peak – Plagued By Sufferers

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