Fireal – Interview

Fireal – Interview

Interview with Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (

PD: Fireal are refreshingly different, not conforming to the norm, or other ideas of what the norm should be. Does this ‘freedom’ to create on your own terms mean that the process becomes more of a learning curve?
F: Where we are now is the result of all the years behind us; it has been a slow process and a progression of trial and error. It has been a long and hard journey but one with great lessons. With all that everything has become more and more the way we want to operate.


PD: Who would you say have been your main influences creatively?
F: The heavier side of our musical roots lie in grunge rock bands such as Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam with electronic groups like The Prodigy also a big influence. The Sith and the Empire of Star Wars are one of our main visual inspirers, along with other sci-fi such as The Matrix. One might say we are the grunge version of dark scifi. This mixture of styles, our genre, is called Imperial.


PD: You write that you want the focus to be on Fireal, rather than on the individual band members. Can you elaborate on this?
F: Fireal consists of long-time professional musicians and songwriters; before we chose to remain anonymous, our band members as individuals enjoyed years of certain level of exposure in different musical groups. While generally this is a good thing for a band, it tends to lead the focus away from the main thing – the music, the art, the lyrics – and more to the individuals that stand in the photos and perform live. We’ve had several line-up changes during our 10-year history, not to mention the ones that took place in previous bands. Witnessing all that, we realized people came overly attached to the idea of a certain line-up and not how well it functioned as a unit. We’ve always worn hoods to cover our faces but now with the masks we’ve diverted the attention from us as individuals and created a more uniform look to represent Fireal as a whole: a symbol, a concept. We call it Inkakai. The core of Fireal is the same triangle of singer-songwriter-guitarist, drummer and bass player (The Inkakai Triad). With another triangle we form the full line-up (The Inkakai Collective) and with the third triangle an experimental line-up (The Inkakai United). The triangles represents the Fire, the Faith and the Form of our group.


PD: With the length of time it has taken to complete the new material, how different is the ‘finished product’ compared to where it was, say, a couple of years ago?
F: We started making the follow-up of The Dark Side in 2011 and by 2012 we had an album of songs chosen. Had the material been released then, it would´ve sounded quite different than today. Back then there was a lot of experimenting going on with sounds and styles and it was all less Fireal. Now with all this time the sound has become more uniform, the quality has taken giant leaps forward and the songs themselves have become better: the weaker ones have been dropped, stronger ones have taken their place and the diamonds have been polished.

Few years ago they were still works in progress, the songs had to travel all these miles to reach their full potential.


PD: Have technical developments in the studio etc helped or hindered you with this?
F: Quite a bit actually. When we started in 2012 and entered studio to record two new songs, we had to book the studios and come up with the funding for everything. Now we all have our own recording studios so the recording process itself is a lot faster and more pleasant.


PD: What can we expect to hear from the new product, how different is it to your previous releases?
F: We are releasing one song from the album this Halloween as a surprise and thanks to our fans. We have another, official single release planned for next year, but more about that later. No album release dates yet, although in an ideal situation we put it out next year.


PD: Are there any plans to release teasers or even a single prior to the official release date?
F: There will be single releases before the album, music video(s) as well.


PD: Where will the new music be available from and in what formats will it be released?
F: There will be promotional physical copies of the song released on Halloween, but otherwise it will be digitally available in iTunes, Apple Music, Google Music etc. We have planned a digipack release for the official single next year.


PD: How are you planning to promote the new music?
F: No huge promotional campaigns will be launched with the Halloween release, but the official single will be promoted in one way or another. More about that later on.


PD: Are you planning on touring and, if so, what would that entail?
F: While our crew is more than ready to play live, we have no tours planned at this time.


PD: Have you a message to those true supporters that have been with you for the duration?
F: Thank you for your patience and believing in us. And have a happy Halloween.

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