Final Coil

Final Coil began their musical life in howls of feedback and chaos, a raging entity that tore up the stages of endless small clubs as they slowly found their direction. Gradually, that energy and electricity was channelled into smoother paths as the band looked deeper into themselves and their music, discovering how much more their individual abilities could create; realising they had so much more to say, that a fleeting impact wasn’t all they wished to achieve – they wanted to carve musical monuments that would stand the test of time and stand for something as well. Under the guiding hand of founding member Phil Stiles the line-up of the band morphed and shifted to reflect that change in focus and the first recorded output from the new look Final Coil was released in 2015. The Closed To The Light EP highlighted the significant developments in the band’s style so effectively that it caught the ear of Italian record label WormHoleDeath, who immediately signed the band up. Throughout 2016 Final Coil worked on their debut full length album, which was then unveiled by their new label in 2017…

An album where the lyrics invite thought and reflection and the artwork fires the imagination as the music brings it to vibrant life, Final Coil’s debut, entitled Persistence Of Memory was just such a record; an island of colour and beauty in the ever flowing grey tides of modern life. The band joined forces with Imperative PR to promote the album and the reaction from the music press was outstanding.

The band finished 2017 with a flurry of well received live shows and returned to Imperative PR once more – this time for a long term management deal. The press continued to pick up on the brilliance of Persistence Of Memory throughout the early months of 2018 and, away from the stage, the band began to work on their most ambitious material to date. As summer neared its end, Final Coil set off for Italy and Real Sound Studios to record their second full-length album. Featuring the skills of session drummer Barry French (ex-Sarpanitum) blending beautifully with the flowing bottom end of bassist Jola Stiles and the twin guitars of Phil Stiles and Richard Awdry the new songs that Final Coil have created are going to stun everyone who hears them. Before the end of the year the band also managed to fit in live shows with OHHMS, Boss Keloid, Zero Point Zero and Staghorn, with Barry joining the band full time in the process.

In 2019 Final Coil appeared at Fusion 2019, with Focus and IO Earth; HRH Metal, with Decapitated and Devilment; at the Camden Underworld with Shonen Knife and at the Garage as direct support to Marky Ramone. The band also released their acclaimed sophomore album, The World We Left Behind For Others, which has chalked up a remarkable forty-six reviews to date in publications ranging from Zero Tolerance to Powerplay Rock & Metal magazine. With new material in the works, 2020 looks to be a strong year for Final Coil.

Aside from his work with Final Coil, Phil Stiles has also had the opportunity to spread his wings with a number of other bands. In 2018, he was invited to make a guest appearance on Chronomonaut, the latest album from prog rock royalty, Glass Hammer (the band where Yes discovered vocalist Jon Davison). He also wrote and composed the outro to The Way Of Purity’s 2020 album, Schwarz Oder Rot, which has been receiving considerable acclaim from across the metal press.

“…too much awesomeness to mention.”


Genre: Post Rock/Grunge/Progressive Metal

For fans of: Kings X | Alice In Chains | Soundgarden | Tool

Band Members:

Phil Stiles: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Synths and Programming
Richard Awdry: Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals and Programming
Jola Stiles: Bass Guitar and Flute
Barry French: Drums

Former Members

Tony ‘Chez’ Hughes: Drums (2014-2018)


For more information see the Discography page

2011:     Live with Doubt EP – Self Released

2014:     Somnambulant EP – Self Released

2015:     Closed to the Light EP – Self Released

2017:     Persistence of Memory – WormHoleDeath (WHD118)

2019:     The World We Left Behind For others – WormHoleDeath (WHD)

Final Coil – …And I’ll Leave

Final Coil – You Waste My Time

Final Coil – Corruption

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