Ferocious Dog – Ferocious Dog 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Ferocious Dog – Ferocious Dog
10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Release 31st March 2023
Graphite Records

Disc 1 – Ferocious Dog (Remastered) track listing.

01 The Glass.
02 Lee’s Tune.
03 On The Rocks.
04 Too Late.
05 Freeborn John.
06 Hell Hounds.
07 Quiet Paddy.
08 Lyla.
09 Criminal Justice.
10 Pocket Of Madness.
11 Blind Leading The Blind.
12 Freethinker.
13 Mairis Wedding Pt II
14 Paddy On The Railway.
15 Verse For Lee.


Disc 2 – Live At Leeds Orchestral track listing.

01 Landscape Artist.
02 A& B.
03 Class War.
04 Mairis Wedding Pt 3
05 Yellow Feather.
06 1914.
07 Justice For ’96.
08 The Demon.
09 Broken Soldier.
10 Lacey-Lee.
11 Criminal Justice.
12 Blind Leading The Blind.
13 Too Late (2022)

On 31st  March Ferocious Dog release a deluxe remastered version of their self titled album on Graphite Records. Mixed and mastered by Al Scott the album will be available as a double CD; the second CD will include a number of live tracks from the bands O2 Academy Leeds show from 2022, joined by a full string section this live concert highlights just how amazing Ferocious Dog are live.

The band formed in Warsop in Nottinghamshire by Ken Bonsall (vocals, guitar), Dan Booth (fiddle), Dave Drury (bass), Brad Drury (drums), Kyle Peters (guitar), and Johnny Edwards (multi-instrumentalist). Inspired by bands such as the Levellers, the Wonder Stuff, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, and New Model Army. Ferocious Dog deliver an exciting blend of Celtic Folk and Punk. Lyrically dealing with topics such as social injuctices falling upon the working classes. They released their eponymous debut album in 2013; the record saw a shift in Bonsall’s songwriting, as he was motivated by the death of his son, who had served in Afghanistan and returned with PTSD only to take his own life at the age of 24. The band continued to tour while also focusing on the charity they set up to honor Bonsall’s son, raising awareness of PTSD and mental health.(Click here for more information)

It’s hard to believe that Ferocious Dog released their debut album 10 years ago. 10 years ago??? Where the hell did the time go?

The remastered re-release is (thankfully) true to the rawness of the original. Tracks like “The Glass”, “Blind Leading The Blind” and “Hell Hounds” still ooze that Celtic punk excitemennt. The excellent “Freeborn John”, with it’s Reggae rhythms still has that edge of class about it and the soft and gentleness of “Lyla” will still have you swaying along. On the surface, Ferocious Dog is an album filled with tracks that will make you want to dance, cheer, sing along to and enjoy. But look deeper, just scratch that surface and it will make you think hard about ‘the system’ and just how unfair that system is.

The instrumental “Lee’s Tune” is like a celebration of a life taken too soon, I love the way that the energetic, almost angry music builds and builds, coming to a sudden halt, giving the listener those quiet seconds to ponder over the tragic tale. “Verse For Lee” will leave you stunned as Ken Bonsall delivers his final promise to his lost son.

Ferocious Dog is a powerful album, a collection of songs with adult themes about struggles, hard times, depression and love. The music is a joy to behold, the lyrics are to be studied and digested. It will hit home hard in places as you realise that in that 10 years since its release things have not changed much, in fact, they may have gotten worse.

Ferocious Dog is a very important album that deserves to be listened to.

To coincide with the release Ferocious Dog will play a unique show with a full orchestra at the Barbican in York on Saturday 1st  April;  the two hour set will include the band playing the entire debut album.

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their self titled debut album, Ferocious Dog unveiled a brand new video – ‘Too Late 2022’, an updated version of live favourite ‘Too Late’ from the album. Watch the video here: 

Ferocious Dog – Too Late (2022)

“I wrote this song many years ago for someone I was close to at the time. It was her childhood story” explains Dan Booth.

“It’s great that we could put a new twist on it. It’s far more relevant now to how we sound live and I love that the legendary Al Scott decided to mix and master the song.”

Also, on 5th May Ferocious Dog release ‘Live At Rock City’ CD on Graphite Records. ‘Live At Rock City’ was recorded in April 2022 on The Hope tour and features the band performing 29 songs.

To pre order / pre stream Ferocious Dog (Remastered) and Live At Rock City go to:

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