Federico Spera

Federico Spera

Federico “Freddy” Spera is an Italian-Brazilian musician and producer based in Liverpool UK. Having graduated from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in 2015, he has been one of the founding members of hard rock outfit Novacrow, released music under his extreme metal project Crejuvent, performed across the country for Misfits tribute band Famous Monsters, and regularly performs as a session musician and function bassist in various bands. He has produced music for several hard rock/metal bands including Exhumation, Fear Me December, Tigerpunch, and several others as well as recording and producing music for all of projects and bands he’s involved in.

What started out as a simple exercise in song-writing and recording turned out to be something more personal and fruitful. Aided by session drummer Pete Roper (XamVolo, Tommy Tenderloin and the Peppercorn Kids, The Rhythm Magicians, etc) on the drums, Temper demonstrates a more earnest and natural approach to Freddy’s songwriting and producing – the result is a release that’s decisively less heavy and more simplistic than any of his previous releases under other projects.

Entirely recorded, engineered, and performed by Freddy (with the exception of the drums performed by Pete Roper), Temper is the embodiment of a release done completely with a DIY approach, giving it a much more personal and self-reflective touch.

Available on 17 April 2020.

Federico Spera – Rain

Federico Spera – Summer’s Walk

Federico Spera
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