Feather Mountain – Nidus

Feather Mountain – Nidus



  1. Nidus
  2. Guilt of the Absent pt. 1
  3. Guilt of the Absent pt. 2
  4. In Passing
  5. Rupture
  6. Chasm
  7. Balance Act

Danish prog-rock band Feather Mountain released their debut album Nidus in the autumn of 2019. Through dynamic changes, technical ingenuity and challenging compositions, Nidus invites the listener into a sprawling universe where genres collide and combine.

Feather Mountain has found inspiration for Nidus in music by Agent Fresco, Leprous, The Ocean Collective, Soen and Tesseract among others.

Nidus is recorded in collaboration with producer and engineer Johan Emanuel Jørgensen and was released on all major streaming services and web sites.

I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy to review. On first listen I knew that this was something special.

The album opens with the title track “Nidus”, “Nidus” is really an atmospheric 2 minute introduction to what is to come. The abrupt ending of “Nidus” gives way to the punchy attack that is “Guilt of the Absent pt.1”. What a stunner of a track this is. Powerful drumming and heavy guitaring from the beginning drive this number forward. Time changes and excellent vocals keep the listener hooked as the track grows and grows. I love the vocal arrangement throughout the track especially the vocal interplay around the 3:30 mark. “Guilt of the Absent pt.1” is a brilliant example of just how good Feather Mountain are. “Guilt of the Absent pt.2” follows and it doesn’t disappoint. The quality of playing is superb, clever instrumental sections where the whole band are on top of their art, are laced with some of the best rock music to ever hit my ears. 

Single release “In Passing” ticks all the boxes, great vocals, magical playing and ‘in your face’ excitement. This was a great choice for a single. I admire Feather Mountain’s ability to draw the listener in to a track and give every number that ‘wow factor’. “Rupture” begins with a real onslaught to the ears, Very fast and energetic, but always controlled and deliberate. This leads straight into “Chasm”, with its dark and moody beginning that soon developes into a stunning instrumental journey. It actually feels like you are moving through a deep chasm. Very eerie, almost creepy.

Final track, coming in at just under 12 minutes, is the outstanding “Balance Act”. If you have not been impressed already by the skillful playing of Feather Mountain, then “Balance Act” will tip the balance (pardon the pun) “Balance Act” creates a huge wall of sound that just builds and builds into a glorious musical extravaganza that is a delight to listen to. It has all the brilliance of Feather Mountain’s collective energy and much, much more. The track is an absolute ROCK EPIC. It lays down a massively heavy start that transforms into a softer, more structured melody where the band seem to recharge themselves until the mood of the piece suddenly explodes into a thunderous rapture of rock. The track then goes full circle as it returns to the atmospheric elements that were first heard in the opening track “Nidus”.

Feather Mountain have created a rock masterpiece with “Nidus” it is an album that they can be very proud of. I urge everyone that reads this to give it a listen. You will be impressed with the awesome songs, you will be impressed with the awesome playing, but most importantly, you will be impressed with Feather Mountain.

Mikkel Lohman (vocal) 
Jens Baalkilde Andersen (guitar)
Oliver Ramstedt (guitar)
Andreas Dahl-Blumenberg (bass)
Christian Dahl-Blumenberg (drums)

Peter Devine Sept 2019


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