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Falling Nine

Three simple words were all it took for Cardiff-based Falling Nine to record their new single, a cover of the 1974 hit ‘Fox on the Run’ originally written and performed by 70s Glam Rockers Sweet. “Fancy recording it?.”

Frontman David Lydiard explains “I hadn’t heard the song for ages and one day during a trip down a YouTube rabbit hole I came across a live cover by the Chili Peppers with John singing. It had a raw, punk energy to it, and being a massive Frusciante fanboy, I instantly loved it. So I put up a very rough, live acoustic version of it on our YouTube Channel, just for a bit of fun. During lockdown, Steve (Watts) stumbled across it, tells me that he likes it, and asked me if I fancy recording a full version of it, and here we are”

‘Fox on the Run’ sees Falling Nine on a sort of comeback trail with this single being their first new release in four years. “Sometimes life gets in the way, which is why we’ve taken so long between this and our last record (2016’s ‘Atonement’), but priorities have shifted and we’re pumped to be working on new music again.”

For this single the 2-piece have enlisted the help of lead guitarist Justin Larner to compose an original solo that Lydiard says takes the song into another gear. “Justin is an incredible guitar player and I’ve been a fan of his tone and his playing since first hearing him when he played with Grand Ultra. We wanted a solo that kicks you in the arse and Justin nailed it 100%.”

Fox on the Run’ is released Friday November 27th 2020 and will be available on all streaming platforms. The band will premiere the single on their YouTube channel at 19:15pm on Thursday 26th November 2020.

Falling Nine are a 2-piece rock project from Cardiff, Wales consisting of David Lydiard (Vocals, Guitars, Synths) & Steven Watts (Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synths). Since its inception, the pair has been joined by several collaborators.

The duo, who have known each other since school, create Rock music with a melodic edge and cite numerous influences spanning multiple genres from Classic Rock to Pop and from Blues to Black Metal.

Debut EP ‘All Paths Divide’ (2007) saw the band reach fans across the globe by utilising the power of the Internet with single ‘Quicksand’ picking up airplay on National radio. Where ‘All Paths Divide’ featured multi-layered vocals to create rich harmonies and counter melodies, 2009’s full-length debut ‘Sound Machine’ had a more back-to-basics setup of drums, bass and guitars. From the monster, catchy riff of vitriolic opener ‘Fist Through A Wall’ through to the didgeridoo drone of closing track ‘Trapped (1810 Onwards), ‘Sound Machine’ captured Falling Nine doing what they do best; creating heavy rock with sing-along melodies that demand to be listened to again and again.

After a brief hiatus Falling Nine set to work on two new releases with contrasting sounds. 2015’s ’Sustain & Release’ EP continued where ‘Sound Machine’ left off with big riffs and catchy melodies whilst for 2016’s ‘Atonement’ the band unplugged for an introspective, semi-acoustic EP which featured music videos for lead singles ‘Piece By Piece’ and ‘Goodbye’.

On November 27th, 2020 Falling Nine will release a cover of ‘Fox on the Run’, originally written and performed by 70s Glam Rockers Sweet with more new music to follow in 2021

Falling Nine – Fox On The Run (27th Nov)

Falling Nine – Battery

Falling Nine – Numb

Falling Nine – Goodbye

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