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Falcon’s Bandits

falcon's bandits

Falcon’s Bandits was formed in the winter of 2015 in Boston. After rehearsing for a few months trying to find a clear sound, they went into the studios “The Record Company” to record their first Ep, now available on Reverbnation.

After playing at the Lilypad in Cambridge (MA), the band will perform at the Middle East, also in Cambridge, on November 17 and at Pa’s Lounge, in Somerville, on December 10.

The stories are a way of keeping an account on what seems to go largely unnoticed; the slow destruction of human morals.
Everyone seems to be taking from everyone while a ragged man in the corner is trying to give back for us all, but no one listens.

And yes, stay tuned because this isn’t all, there are new songs to come and a couple of shows early next year.

Falcon’s Bandits – Waste the Night With Me

Falcon’s Bandits – Live at the Lilypad

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