Exiled Hope

Exiled Hope
What Happens After Midnight

EXILED HOPE, the brainchild of Sofia Frasz will release the soundtrack for the film What Happens After Midnight on November 17, 2023. 

Sofia comments “My main goal with Exiled Hope is to tell stories through my music and to take my audience on a larger than life cinematic journey. Working on film scores feels like a major step toward accomplishing that goal because the music, whether it’s metal, folk, electronic, or otherwise, has a chance to explicitly serve a story. “What Happens After Midnight” is not my usual metal sound, but I believe in having an overall signature style and then being flexible in applying that style. Exiled Hope’s signature style is atmospheric, moody, and epic, and this can translate to a variety of genres outside of metal. It’s a fun challenge to draw from different genres to create a score that conveys the story and atmosphere of the film.”

Listen to the title track  and pre-order on Bandcamp:

Multi-instrumentalist Sofia Frasz established EXILED HOPE in 2019, and draws musical inspiration from the likes of AVANTASIA, NIGHTWISH, KAMELOT and CRADLE OF FILTH to name a few. EXILED HOPE’s releases all take place in the same fictional universe and combine to form a dark fantasy metal opera. Each album centers on a character dealing with both an internal and external conflict in this world, and the lyrics explore how they navigate those conflicts. This is intended to provide some kind of escapism through the lyrical worldbuilding, while still keeping the songs grounded in real, relatable emotions despite their fantastical setup. EXILED HOPE is working towards the next album, Apocrypha, due to be released in late 2024. Through EXILED HOPE, Sofia has composed music for two short films, Hallowed Paths and What Happens After Midnight, and has collaborated with UK melodeath outfit STEEL FORGE. 
Sofia Frasz – all instruments and all vocals

Exiled Hope – What Happens After Midnight

Exiled Hope – Altar Of Moloch

Exiled Hope – The Summoning

Exiled Hope – Blood of the Ancients

Exiled Hope – Dreamwalker

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