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Exes For Eyes
The End Of Summer ft. Björn Strid of Soilwork (single)
Release: 15 October 2021

For fans of Slipknot, Soilwork, Lamb of God

“The End Of Summer is the first of 4 singles that will make up the perceived idea of a 4th release. With Covid-19 running wild and having released our most ambitious offer to date with “Of Strength And Sorrow”, we were forced to shelve plans of a return to the road after a 3 year hiatus.  With life, death, and everything in between determining the pace in which we advanced, we’ve decided to take a slower and more focused approach to creating new music.  Of Strength and Sorrow wasn’t given a proper presentation, so we will be relaunching the band by presenting even newer music in smaller doses, the first offering being “The End Of Summer”.” – Dave Sheldon – Exes For Eyes


“The End Of Summer is basically a metaphor for the amazing quality of life we have all taken for granted.  The song is about people becoming soft. We don’t know what true adversity is..none of us. We are the genetic products of strong people who survived and we’ve let all of that go.  I really do believe we are seeing the end of that era.” – James Arsenian – Exes For Eyes

As people across the northern hemisphere brace for winter, Canada’s Exes For Eyes are releasing a new single, the aptly named “The End Of Summer”. This will be the first music released from the band since 2019, and they are eager to get back into the ears of fans. Featuring Björn Strid of Soilwork, the idea behind the single was to question our integrity as a species. “Do we as western humans have the ability to toughen up? Or are we basically just fucked on a biblical scale?” Exes For Eyes continue to explain the track:

“It can be heavy, it can be subdued, it has tension and release, and a few good old-fashioned earworms. Having Björn onboard has only solidified that this is a song with something special. When we sent him the pre-production, he instantly knew this was a song that had substance. “Your best work” he called it. It has the ability to uplift you to euphoria, and the bottom will instantly drop out, leaving you wondering what exactly happened and looking for a repeat play.”

Essentially a metaphor for the amazing quality of life we take for granted, the song explores the notion that without facing true adversity in life, we are becoming soft and approaching the end of that golden era. This single is the first of four, which will make up an internet fourth release, due to the global situation, the band is taking the time to perfect this next offering and give it the revel it deserves when the time is right.

Exes For Eyes has been going for almost ten years, during which they released three albums, toured heavily, and shared the stage with an impressive list of metal titans. They have a level of cohesion that only comes with that much experience.

Melodic, with plenty of low-end grooves, Exes For Eyes is recommended for fans of Lamb of God, Slipknot, Soilwork.

Exes For Eyes (feat. SOILWORK Bjorn Strid) – The End Of Summer

Exes For Eyes – Of Strength And Sorrow

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