Evoking Winds

Evoking Winds
‘Bald Mountain’
(Folk Melodic Black Metal)

Release Date: June 18, 2023
FFO: Imperium Dekadenz, Moonsorrow, Summoning
Location: Belarus

Today, an international metal project Evoking Winds announced that their 5th studio album “Bald Mountain” is released and available on streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YT Music etc.) as well as free lossless downloads at Evoking Winds Bandcamp page.

Bald Mountain album dives into the ancient European myth about the Wild Hunt, a chase led by a mythological figure escorted by a ghostly group of hunters engaged in pursuit. It tells the story of a man who answered the call of its leader and joined the Hunt to gain absolute power and freedom from the society he lives in. The album raises the topics of choice and freedom, power and its influence on people’s deeds, betrayal and inner change.

The band, rooted from Minsk, Belarus, exists as an online studio project with members living all over the world since 2005 (USA, Poland, Belarus, Russia, China). Music by Evoking Winds includes both melodic black metal as well as folk, cinematic orchestral music, dungeon synth and atmospheric black metal. Folk instruments often take the leading role, the songs contain low amounts of repetition and variable song structures. Compared with pure folk metal genre attributes, it’s a darker, black metallic form, which dispenses with jigs and reels and is more dedicated to slower, more epic-styled songwriting. In contrast with most atmospheric black metal bands, singing constantly shifts between black metal and death metal vocal techniques and has more symphonic elements.

As stated by the band founder Artyom Prishchepov, Evoking Winds is a completely non-commercial project and all Evoking Winds music is licensed for free distribution. For many years the music by Evoking Winds was in the underground state of small local cd releases until 2021, when the band decided to re-issue the music digitally.

Evoking Winds – Bald Mountain

Evoking Winds – The Heroes of Might and Magic III OST

Evoking Winds – Silent Dawn

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