Eternal Drak

Eternal Drak
‘Shadow Storm’
(Groove Thrash Black Metal)

Release Date: July 17th, 2022
FFO: Kreator, Pantera, Sepultura
Location: Canada

Short Bio: In 1997 the two brothers Drakar and Warhammer, aged 17 and 15 began the foundations of “Eternal Drak”. Our drummer Warhammer pasted away in 2019. 1 Ep, 3 Long Plays and 6 video clips have been released and we are ready to release our 4th Long Play and a new video clip.

Eternal Drak – Siervo del Bien y del Mal

Eternal Drak – Hide your madness

Eternal Drak – Control

Eternal Drak – La Nueva Orden

Eternal Drak – The Bombs Are Falling

Eternal Drak – My Bloody Moon

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Band/Artist location – Quebec Canada
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