Release: 5 September 2023

Death metal quartet ESHTADUR are preparing to unleash their ferocious new offering, “Umbra”. Thematically, the track explores cosmogony, philosophy, mysticism, and the magic of the ancient man – the shaman.

Band founder Jorg August comments:

“This is the purest and darkest song I’ve ever written, I am very honored for being able to add a real symphonic orchestra and arrange whole parts, but my favorite addition besides ‘Purhepecha’ ancient native language of America, is the participation of a very beautiful folk instrument, original from Colombia, the tiple.”

The darkest song from ESHTADUR, “Umbra” sees symphonic and real orchestra below the music. Profound and dense with heavy guitars and growls, “Umbra” includes the mystique Colombian original folk instrument ‘Tiple’ among cellos, violins, horns and aggressive drums, within an ancient native language known as ‘Purhepecha’ original from (Michoacán) pre-Columbian ancient America C.1200.


Based out of Eshtadur, Colombia, the band was founded by Jorg in 2005. Drawing musical influences from the likes of DIMMU BORGIR, BEHEMOTH, AT THE GATES, SEPTIC FLESH and AMON AMARTH, they have since released a pair of EP’s and four albums. Meaning the rebellion of angels, ESHTADUR embodies a deathly melodic atmosphere that reaches into realms of darkness and despair through the decay of humanity. It seeks to rebel, in its darkened way, embracing the abject reality. Their rich touring history includes performances across Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland, Czechia, Hungary and Slovakia. They have shared the stage and toured with CRADLE OF FILTH, VADER, GRAVEWORM, SEPULTURA, ABORTED and DECAPITATED in Rock Al Parque in 2016. In 2022, the band toured supporting BATUSHKA and DIABOLICAL, this time visiting Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. In 2023 ESHTADUR played at the 70000tons of metal being the only band from Colombia this year.


Jorg August (Guitars & vocals-founder member)
Andres Gonzalez (Bass 2019)
Jhonatan Valderrama (Lead guitar 2022)
David Lopez (Drums 2022)

Eshtadur – New Recording Teaser

Eshtadur – The Fall (European Tour Compilation)

Eshtadur – From The Abyss (Live Sessions Teaser)

Eshtadur – All She Wrote

Eshtadur – Lowborn Bastard

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