Ernia is a five-piece death/grind band formed in Logroño, Spain by a group of weirdo friends with a shared love for fast music and dumb jokes.  With a driving passion to create music that is different, the group has been writing increasingly complex material since 2010.   Pooling from a wide array of influences from Carcass to Coltrane, they have crafted a style of precise, dissonant, and sometimes ethereal death-metal infused grindcore which has gained them notoriety in their local scene.  

After years of fine-tuning their craft and opening for headliners Fuck the Facts and Maruta, Ernia is now ready to unleash their debut full-length on the world.   The thirteen-track self-titled album will be released on December 7th 2018

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Band Members
Daniel E. — Guitar
Daniel V. — Guitar
Gabi — Drums
Omar — Vocals
Adrián: bass

Ernia – The Limits of Purity

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Band location – Logroño, Spain

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