Ernest Moon

Liverpool-based outfit Ernest Moon presents ‘Big Wow’, a short whimsical single they describe as a “throwaway tune about the ways of a working class young’un from round our way sometime in the not too distant past.” 

In ‘Big Wow’, the language is straight out the gob of the protagonist….Johnny B.. a sixteen year old skally….with starlit dreams of cars and girls and toilets on every floor.

Ernest Moon are Steven Doran and Brian Murphy, two English no-marks of limited musical ability, brought together by a liking for eggs on toast. Hailing from Liverpool, they offer lush lyrics, heavy hands and a rat-arsed sincerity. Somewhat punky, their sound has been described as pushy pop, “filling the gap between pretentious lyrical art and bog standard pop music”.

“The music in this song is the most obvious stuff a couple of crappy musicians of our generation from Liverpool could produce. In Liverpool there is a tradition for poppy rock’n’rolly guitar music so its natural this kind of tune comes out the other end when you start playing. But there is a diversion from the obvious in the song in that the lyrics are more crafted and worked than one would normally encounter in Pap music. Even if we say so ourselves,” says Steve.

In the three years of Ernest Moon’s existence, they’ve released two heart-stopping EPs. Their songs are as meandering in style and sound as their musical taste, drawing on influences such as The Blockheads, Arab Strap, Talking Heads and The Specials.

Previously, Brian and Steve supplied the guitars and words for a now-defunct band called Betty Backskuttle, a band they say was infamously vain and famously unfriendly.

‘Big Wow’ was recorded during the lockdown at Liverpool’s Ark Recording Studios by Steve Powell (Michael Head & the Red Elastic Band) and Rory Ballantyne. Several years ago, the band debuted with their ‘Ba-jesus’ EP, recorded at Orphan Recording in Dublin with Peter Ashmore and Gavin Glass (Paul Brady, John Grant, Lisa Hannigan, Mundy), foreshadowed by the witty drunken single ‘Satdeenight Ready’.  They followed up with their ‘Uh’ EP in July 2019.

‘Big Wow’ is a prelude to the band’s impending 8-track release with Violette Records this coming summer “It’s a taster of what that release will not sound like. A bit of careless crack while waiting,” says Brian. 

As of April 29, ‘Big Wow’ will be available digitally via iTunes and for Spotify. It can already be pre-ordered via Bandcamp.

Recorded during the lockdown at Ark Recording studios (Liverpool)
Recorded by Steve Powell and Rory Ballantyne
Copyright BoBo records

Steven – guitar and voice
Brian  – bass and blowhole
Jake Woodward – drums
Cover photo by Dave Jones
Cover design by Mark Jordon
Blond girl photo by Mickey Rimmer
Girl close up photo by Stuart Lee
Boy and girl kissing photo by Ernest Moon

Ernest Moon – Big Wow

Ernest Moon – Satdeenight  ready

Ernest Moon – Inner

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