Eric & The Soo

EricBrombacher was forced into a fourteen day quarantine during a recent return visit to Toronto. He and his wife moved into an empty apartment with no TV, no internet, and worst of all no guitar!  So Brombacher reached out to his old friend Brad, who loaned him a beautiful sixties Silver tone guitar. He said, “Be gentle with her, she’s older than you.” Brombacher says itwas this line,  this sentiment, that inspired the song. “I told myself I wouldn’t write a pandemic song” says Brombacher, “but when I wasn’t looking I wrote a pandemic song.”

He says this new song from Eric & The Soo is”an ode to a guitar that helped me through those days of isolation. ” Eric  & The Soo is classic Canadiana that seamlessly blends vintage country, folk, and blues drawing  on influences such as NeilYoung, JohnPrine, TomPetty, and The Rolling Stones. In line with these influences, the band generally likes to record “live off the floor” to capture that special in the moment  energy. Pandemic related challenges meant that this time around bandmates Eric, Ken, Dino, and Tim had to take a different more isolated approach, with each recording their tracks in their respective home studios. Somehow, even over the wires, the warmth and musical connection among these four is still felt in this latest offering . Eric & The Soo is based in Toronto,  Canada and have graced many a stage since their formation in 2015.

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Eric Brombacher – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Ken Yoshioka – Lead Guitar & Harmonica
Tim Bradford – Bass Guitar & Harmony Vocals
Dino Naccarato – Drums & Percussion

Eric & The Soo – She’s Older Than Me

Eric & The Soo – Modern Life

Eric & The Soo – Great Northern Road

Eric & The Soo – Slices of Life

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