Entera are a Thrash metal band out of Nuremberg Germany

1989: First rehearsals

1990: Establishment of Entera in March (first sample in full cast)

1993: Start recording for the EP Jürgen Peters becomes second guitarist First gig in Völklingen on 10.07.93 Publication of the EP “Crossing” Participation in the Death / Hardcore Festival, St. Ingbert on 20.11.93

1994: Low point of the band history: Guitarist Jürgen Peters dies on 04.09.94

1997: “Hard metal times quite different” cult band `97 (Palatinate Merkur)

1998: Sascha (guitar) and Erik (drums) leave the band

1999: Holger Grzeschik (guitar) comes to Entera, Jimi is obliged as an auxiliary drummer Start the recording for the first CD

2000: concert for the 10-year-old on the ground floor Zweibrücken on 15.04.00 Publication of the first CD “betrayal against time”

2001: Guitarist is now Michael Missy, Erik Mayer comes back to Entera

2002: Participation in the Rock `N` Proll Open Air on 24.05.02 Start recording for the second CD

2003: release of the second CD “Believe, Fight Or Die” Farewell concert at Juz Pirmasens on 20.09.03

2004: Musical new beginning in Nuremberg

2005: Participation in “Tearin` down the tower II” on 05.02.05

2006: Participation in Thrash Attack Part I & II

2008: Publication of the third CD “Daily Terror”

2009: Soundtrack contribution to the film “Suffer and Die” Sampler contribution GUC No. 25

2011: The recordings for the fourth CD begin

2012: Release of the fourth CD “The War Goes On”

2012: New Drummer Iain Finlay (Ex-Running Wild)

2014: Gig with Destruction

2015: 250. Entera gig in Emden Publication of the 7 “The Pit Is Ours EP


Entera – The Pit is Ours

Entera – Cheating

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