‘War Of Worlds And Dimensions’
(Industrial Black Metal Synthwave)

Release Date: August 8th 2023
FFO: Limbonic Art, The Kovenant, Mysticum
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Enigmatical, the Swedish industrial black/death metal band, has dropped their third single War Of Worlds And Dimensions from their upcoming full-length album Total Entropy Agenda. The track continues the concept story-line of the album while also introducing fresh sounds and ideas into the mix. The band has already released two other singles from the album, and this latest release brings them one step closer to total entropy. Fans can look forward to the band’s fourth single as they continue recording towards the ultimate goal. Enigmatical’s music is a perfect blend of raw power and intricate musicianship, making them a must-listen for any metal-head looking for something new and exciting.

Enigmatical – War Of Worlds And Dimensions

Enigmatical – ‘Into the Vortex of Cosmic Obliteration

Enigmatical – Cosmic Domination

Enigmatical – Enstrangled Cosmic Spirals

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