En-Stigma – Reforming the Universe

En-Stigma – Reforming the Universe

EN STIGMA – “Reforming the Universe” – deluxe remastered edition (self-released 16 May 2020)

  1. Ascending to Eternity
  2. Chaotic Intensity
  3. En-Stigma
  4. The Transcendal Force of the Universe
  5. Aging Star
  6. Decision
  7. Operation Infinity
  8. Dreamless Galaxy

En Stigma is the personal project of the bassist Vonifatios. They were created in 2014 in Greece and call their music Galactic Progressive Metal. In my ears it’s a progressive version of modern black metal mixed with experimental attitude.

“Reforming the Universe” was recorded in 2018 and finds Vonifatios collaborating with a great number of people in making the album. The material seems to be well worked.

The result is experimental for sure, but rather impressive and keeps the black metal references of the band like in “Chaotic Intensity”, a song which aslo features some very nice spacey keys.

En Stigma use female vocals in “Aging Star” and a great wide variety of other influences from extreme metal to progressive rock, traditional heavy metal, psychedelic rock and ethnic/folk music flow in their music. Nevertheless the album is experimental. The aforementioned song “Aging Star” features a middle eastern folk/ethnic chroma.

The vocals of En Stigma are sometimes clean, and some others brutal growls. The songwriting is very well worked and gives their personal stigma. The instruments are used nicely and for the benefit of the compositions.

The album’s production is a bit muddy at parts, but this perhaps reflects the bands intentions. Maybe they didn’t want to be another progressive band. Instead they chose an own path of creativity and original expression.

The songwriting of En Stigma is very personal and unlikely to find elsewhere. There are countless music styles blend to one for them under their personal seal. “Reforming the Universe” is definitely a release you have to check out if you are into experimental/prog/extreme music or if you want to listen to something with own personality.

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