Emperors Of The Wasteland

Emperors Of The Wasteland

Emperors Of The Wasteland release their debut album ‘Begin’ independently on 21st September.

Sonically, Emperors Of The Wasteland occupy that space where Hard Rock meets Grunge. Anyone with a liking for heavy guitar music is likely to be reminded of a golden age where the sound of a Gibson guitar cranked through a Marshall amp dominated the UK Rock scene. The album has a thick guitar tone and some solid, hard-hitting drums that underpin Al Rhodes melodic vocals. His voice reminds me of something like a cross between Ian Astbury and Biff Byford, both formidable frontmen in classic bands, which is a credit to Emperors Of The Wasteland, who have largely succeeded to capture their arena-sized aspirations on their debut disc
Independent Voice
“…. slower tempo tunes are smartly layered throughout the nine track album meaning they never disrupt the flow of the faster, more upbeat tunes. Although it is the latter that stand out thank to the band’s immense talent in dishing out memorable rock music”

Formed in 2016, this Derby based hard rock band is a groove-oriented, blues-based rock band with a stoner edge and an image styled around a post-apocalyptic, mad max-esque theme.

The band have honed their skills on the road spending most of 2017 touring, supporting the likes of Love/Hate, Knock Out Kaine, Doomsday Outlaw, including opening for Faster Pussycat. They will be back supporting Love/Hate in 2019

EOTW are: Al Rhodes vocals, Sid Thindal guitars, Nick Ward bass, Frazer Knight drums

Album tracklisting:
Faire Let Mort
Under The Skin
See You Again
Mickey Finn
Hand On Heart
Whiskey And Pills

Emperors Of The Wasteland – See You Again

Emperors Of The Wasteland – Album Teaser

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