Elle E

Elle E

Good day music lover! You are in for a treat on this wondrous day. You are currently reading the very first paragraph, of the very first press release, for the very first collection of songs by

Elle E.

Elle E is a singer-songwriter from Cape Town, South Africa that doesn’t follow any specific style or musical rules and as a self taught musician she is a left handed guitarist that plays a right handed guitar upside down.

Elle E was started as a solo side project by Ellenie Eloff (Two Stroke, Catwalk Trash) in her bedroom at a time where the now disbanded Two Stroke were the apple of many a Cape Towner’s eye in 2018. What began as a way to re-explore her solo act roots, has quickly become a fully realised project.

“Etiquette” is more playful and a little more optimistic than previous releases by Ellenie. It’s more poppy, it’s more hooky, but somehow it’s also more dangerous. There’s more swagger, and it has a DIY aesthetic absent on the last few Two Stroke releases.

Going solo has allowed Ellenie to focus on her guitar work and as a result they shine on this release. As always, the vocals are a key driver on the tracks while the drums pound away propelling the tracks through their run times. All songs are written and performed by Ellenie Eloff and the album was mixed and mastered by Jethro Harris at Milestone Studios.


Elle E – Trouble

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