Elise Hayes

Elise Hayes

Haunting. Powerful. Uplifting. These are three words that describe Elise Hayes’ music. Combining infectious pop and r&b melodies with heartfelt and meaningful subject matter, Elise’s songs live in a unique space in the palate of today’s popular music.

No stranger to the stage, Elise has been performing since she was 12 years old. She attended Berklee College of Music as a vocal major, and soon after graduating, relocated to Nashville to pursue a career as an artist and songwriter. “My journey in the music industry hasn’t been a straight line to success,” she says, “I have had to bend and mold and create my own opportunities.” She certainly has done just that. Elise has written songs that have been featured on numerous TV shows, such as ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy”, Freeform’s “The Bold Type”, MTV’s “Siesta Key,” and many more. She has written songs for other prominent artists (Lucie Silvas “E.G.O”, Jill Andrews “Rust or Gold”), and most recently, toured the country as a background singer and keyboard player for country star, Carly Pearce, opening national tours for Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, and Thomas Rhett.

During this past year on the road, Elise felt inspired to find her way back to her own music and career as an artist. “I think I had been in Nashville too long, churning it out behind the scenes in the industry,” she says, “Having the opportunity to get out into the world and see how powerful music is and how it can bring people together in such a moving way made me fall back in love with performing. It lit me up again.”

With that realization fresh in her mind, Elise decided to step away from her role in Pearce’s band in late spring of 2018. “I felt this really strong instinct to follow my own dreams and songs, and I wanted to be true to that and act on it.” “Float”, her single slated for release in November 2018, documents that honest journey back to herself, all the while making you want to dance and turn the music up loud on your speakers. “In this next phase of my career as an artist, I’m focusing on making music that people can relate to and that they can find themselves in. I can’t wait to get it out there.”

Elise Hayes – Float

Elise Hayes – Waves

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